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CEO Message

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    Wellcorn is a creative company with the goal of protecting the environment using corn. Wellcorn is developing carbon dioxide capture and storage technology that is considered to be the cause of global warming for realizing the value of humanity and is continuously making efforts to prevent food shortage caused by climate change by increasing the productivity of food resources.

    Increase in global warming gas discharges and climate change due to oil-centric energy supply in the 20th century is recognized as a global problem. Photosynthetic action of plants allows biomass to convert, fix and store carbon phosphate into organic matters so that it doesn’t increase the absolute amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which makes it spotlighted as the most desirable next-generation energy.
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    Being representative biomass, the production of corn is increasing as feed plants. However the corncobs are usually discarded and the amount is increasing every year. New recycling technology that uses discarded by-products is urgently needed.

    Wellcorn has developed a natural fire starter, FIRECORN, which is easy to ignite by utilizing the structural features of the corncob. FIRECORN is a solid fuel that limit carbon dioxide discharges , a major cause of global warming.

    Wellcorn is also making efforts to increase the productivity of corn-based food resources to cope with climate change caused by global warming and future food shortages caused by population growth.


SINCE 2019
It's a historic footstep that Wellcorn has been with you


  • 10
    • Entered to the Nonsan-Yeonsan Local Food Market
  • 08
    • Entered to the Daejeon MBC Local Food Market 161
  • 07
    • Invitational competition for distribution buyers to support markets of venture business startups (SETEC)
    • Participated in the Summer Market for Camping & Picnic Fair (Suwon Convention Center)
  • 06
    • Entered to the Market Farming (Seoul Yangjae Branch, Jeonju Hanok Village)
    • Selected as a support business of the enterprise leap package (Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development)
  • 05
    • Produced the FIRECORN prototype
    • Selected as a marketing support business for a creative companies (Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development)
  • 04
    • Selected as a nursery company of Agricultural Technology Foundation
    • Technology guarantee fund of 100 million KRW
    • Establishment of Wellcorn (Konyang University Business Incubator Center)